Internship Program

Please note: Internship Program is offered only by the Therapy Department at the moment.

The internship program runs for the behavioural research of the laboratory or the therapy department. Depending on the time you can stay, you might be able to assist in running research projects or follow some therapy cases. For a more detailed insight, you will need at least one to three months. Both is mainly observational work and data recording, supervised either by Sophie Donio (therapy) or Frank Veit (dolphin behaviour). For the therapy you might follow some cases in a systematic matter and often videotape them. You will have the feedback from all involved parties, but you will not take part at the therapy itself, as this is only done by the dolphin trainers. For the biological side, you would be integrated in ongoing research projects or work on a small project on your own. In the end of the period, a written report has to be given about the project/work. 

We can not pay interns, and unfortunately we can not provide any accommodations. Entrance to the Reef would be free, of course, and meals at the restaurant would be available to a reduced price. A prerequisite for being an intern is the participation in our basic course, which will give you the necessary background and prepares you for the program. You can stay right after the course or come back at a later time. All interns will work in the research tower (where also the course will take place), where we have a constant research stuff of two to four people.