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Accommodations - Course fees

The course is a basic one, as it is interdisciplinary and participants have very different backgrounds. The scope reaches from interested layman to Ph.D. students. Many of them returned, or stayed immediately after the course to intensify their experience within our internship program Our own background is biological or psychological, respectively, and we are working for many years with the dolphins here in Eilat. The research laboratory, in which the course mainly takes place, was established in 1994. As mentioned, the course is an educational one, but a swim is included, as it gives a better insight in the therapy and a different perspective of the dolphins. (For those that want to do more swims, they can do so at any day for a reduced fee.) The program has two main goals: To give an introduction to the mentioned subjects and to demonstrate the work that is done here, both for the behavioural work and the therapy, and both in relation to recent work at other places in the world.


Accommodations can be arranged. Usually, most participants decide to stay together in a hostel, where prices start at around Euro 7 per night in a dormitory (4 to 6 beds) or about Euro 25 in a private double room (also for a single person available). Hotel rooms are usually available in Eilat from around Euro 50 up.

Course Fees

The price for the course itself is Euro 850 including all activities, like the swim with the dolphins, an evening excursion to the desert, as well as the meals during all days - (breakfast and lunch). A first part of Euro 200 has to be payed in advance for registration. The rest will be due to the beginning of the course.