Content of the Course

The subjects we are dealing with comprises for the biological part:

  • Ethology - Introduction to the science of animal
    behaviour and its methodology

  • Writing an ethogram (=catalogue of behaviours)

  • Introduction to cetology (whales & dolphins)

  • Social Behaviour and ecology of whales and dolphins

  • Acoustic Workshop and dolphin communication

  • Scientific projects of the laboratory

  • Dolphin Conservation

  • Dolphin Rehabilitation

  • Release project with animals from Dolphin Reef -
    "The Story of Dicky, Shandy & Pashosh"

And for the therapy part:

  • Swim with the dolphins

  • Animal-assisted therapy

  • Supportive experience with dolphins

  • Observation of therapy - daily sessions

  • Discussions about the observed sessions

  • Invited talk concerning the observed therapy cases


And more ...

The program starts in the morning (8.00 or 9.00 a.m.) and finishes usually in the afternoon /evening (4.00 to 6.00 p.m.). Additionally, we offer a fringe program at some of the evenings, including a welcome drink at the beach bar, videos about dolphins and therapy, and one night excursion to the desert.


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